Stuff I’ve Been Listening To

FYI, not all of this is considered “new,” but more of a summary of what I’ve currently been listening to.

Taking Back Sunday – Tidal Wave


TBS finally goes punk?  Aside from a one off Descendents cover from the Tony Haw American Wasteland Soundtrack, the Long Island rockers never really explored the more punk side of the genre.  But based on lead singer Adam Lazarra’s feelings on the emo label, maybe now is a better time than ever to switch gears.  This is straight 3 chord punk, taking traditional Ramones and mixing it with Against Me!  Not sure if this will reflect their new album coming out in September, which they described as “more of an Americana feel.”  However it will be released on indie punk label Hopeless Records, as it seems a lot of the former emo/pop-punk superstars are going (New Found Glory, Sum 41 and Yellowcard, among others).

Link to Youtube video

Brand New Demos

brand new demos

Essentially these are 3 re-worked songs that were from the Fight Off Your Demon demos, a collection of 9 songs that were leaked and heavily traded among fans prior to the release of The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me.  So technically nothing new, but the polished versions definitely sound more improved and they’ve apparently been working them into their live shows, along with “I am a Nightmare” and “Mene.”  All I know it Album No. 5 may be one of the last truly hyped up albums from the scene.

Link to songs and Brooklynvegan article



I keep itching for new punk bands, but ones more in line with a Titus Andronicus or Menzingers versus a Modern Baseball or Wonder Years.  It’s not that I hate the latter bands, but it’s difficult to get into new bands with that sound, as that music was at a very specific point in my life that now can only be viewed as nostalgic.  PUP is a band that sounds like it fits the mold.  Hailing from Toronto, Canada, these guys rock hard, sing and scream without whining, and even make fun of themselves (the first track on the album is called “If This Tour Doesn’t Kill You, I Will”).  I’ve also heard their live shows are great, so excited to see them headline Bowery Ballroom in a few months.

Latest Release: The Dream is Over

The Front Bottoms


I tend to stay away from “buzz bands,” usually because they never live up to the hype.  I’m not even sure if The Front Bottoms fall into this category, but I have definitely heard a lot about them, from both the inter-web and through friends. Call them folk punk, indie rock, alternative, or whatever you want, but these guys are catchy and fun.  And their lyrics are very personable, containing stories that you can’t help but relate to that happened in your past.  A little upset that I missed them this past weekend when they played the inaugural Panorama festival at Randall’s Island, but will definitely try and check them out next time they’re in town.

Latest Release: Back On Top


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